RULES and the Chain of Fools

ok, I’ve already broken the number one rule of blogging – to write in your blog everyday. Then again, I am not exactly one to stick close to the rule book. Circumventing the rules has often been my largest priority. I have this idea that there is a real reason for rules that generally derives from those who go to extremes, like drinking in a public park. Drinking in a public park wouldn’t be a big problem if nobody got blasted drunk in public. But they do, so I cannot enjoy a glass of wine at my picnic – unless it’s in a koolaid container.

Rule # 2 broken in the past few days – choose the Armenian church over pop culture. But I think this one, even Der Hayr would forgive me. . . On the same night that St Mary’s had it’s big groundbreaking ceremony and party for the new hall to be built, I had tickets to see Aretha Franklin. That’s right, the QUEEN OF SOUL. Orchestra seats. $100 bucks a pop. Considering that my priest is from Canada and not Yerevan, I think he gets it. Sorry, but the Chain of Fools trumps a plate of yalanchi. I can make a plate of yalanchi. I cannot sing “Respect” backed by a 12 piece soul band with grammys, rock’n’roll hall of fame inductions, and millions of albums sold under my chubby arm – however much I might like to.

I suppose, I will have to make up for it on Sunday, though.

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