politics and Armenian Mind

I opened the Armenian Reporter today and saw a headline, ” Elect Barak Obama and Joe Biden,” it read.

“HUHH?” I said out loud.

I’m 45 years old and have been going to Armenian Churches and Events for, oh, about 45 years, and never do I recall hearing the established, well off Armenian-Americans – businessmen, all – in the group promote the democrats.

This is historic. This is amazing. This is great. . . This is making my father, God rest soul, turn in his grave.

Don’t get me wrong. I have voted Democrat pretty much in every presidential election that I have voted in. And there are members of my family who are active in the Democratic party, even, but it’s a fact that Armenians in the US have been historically conservative.

But as I read deeper into the article, I see that it’s not because of economic policy, the drive to exit the Iraq war, or any of the other issues, it is strictly as it applies to the Armenian bill to recognize the 1915 massacres as genocide.

That is the one and only reason they stated to promote this vote.

So, go for it. knock yourself out. Vote for the one issue reason, and you’ll finally get a good president!

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