summer writing

It’s the first day of summer and, as far as I am concerned, the first day of endless creative neediness. Three kids at home in the subs, without a lot of cash, means I have to get creative.

Aside from the normal days of going to the neighborhood pool, we are starting the hugely unpopular “summer math packet” and “summer reading program” from school as well as Papi’s computer programming lessons. So, I am sort of unwillingly homeschooling for the summer. As if I have time.

I have several summer goals for myself – the chief among them, to finally finish my curriculum project for the Armenian Church. Trying to come up with bible activities and write about Abraham, Moses, Mary, Joseph, and Jesus at a 3rd grade level is a debilitating exercise in creativity. This is especially a “thang” for me, since, if you’ve read some of my past blog entries, I have a major personal confusion when it comes to church. But this is a paying gig and I’m going for it. Hopefully, I’ll find my path in the process.

Sounds like a full summer to me. Now, I’m off to the pool with three screaming kids and my laptop, where I will write while they swim. I hope the sun will inspire me.

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